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Where Can I Find the Best Lawn Care Service Near Me?

Homeowners all over the Coon Rapids, Ramsey and Elk River area are discovering just how easy regular lawn care can be thanks to KnockOut Lawn Services’s amazing affordable services. We have one mission: to provide you exceptional landscape maintenance and care for your lawn and garden at affordable prices. From dethatching, aeration, trimming, fertilization, irrigation and more—KnockOut Lawn Services does it all, and at rates that put our competitors to shame.

Why are we so confident in claiming that we offer the best lawn care services near you? In our years in business, we’ve grown from a single-person operation into our sleek, skilled, and dedicated team, all because of our single-minded commitment to beautifying the lawn and gardens of home and business owners like you.

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost With KnockOut Lawn Services?

Less than buying all the lawn care equipment you need to do the job yourself, that’s for sure! Of course, every home and every backyard landscape is different, but when you factor in equipment, fertilizers, growth solutions, and labor, KnockOut Lawn Services wins as the most cost-effective option for home and business owners in Coon Rapids, Ramsey and Elk River.

Depending on the square footage of your property and whether or not you have special features that require maintenance (such as shrub trimming or irrigation systems), our rates will vary. We don’t offer flat rates, but we can tell you that most home and business owners pay an average cost for lawn care services of between $30 and $150 per visit. That’s just pennies per day—and another great reason for you to invest in your home’s appearance and in your own leisure time.

Does KnockOut Lawn Services Offer Lawn Care in the Fall?

You bet! KnockOut Lawn Services is an all-seasons lawn care and landscape maintenance company, and what many homeowners don’t know is that the fall is an ideal time for special lawn care tasks to prepare for next year’s growing season.

For example, falling leaves make a glorious natural mulch if properly trimmed, treated, and dispersed. This organic barrier will keep the roots of your lawn moist all winter long—and as the mulch decomposes, forms a natural compost layer.

The other best thing to do for lawn care in the fall is to hire someone with a dethatcher—may we suggest KnockOut Lawn Services—right before the winter dormancy period begins. Dethatching your lawn will optimize your lawn for healthy growth next season, and all due to increased flow of nutrients, water, and air to the grass’s root system.

How Do I Book Lawn Care With KnockOut Lawn Services?

Achieving the perfect backyard landscape is easier than ever before. Simply pick up your phone and call KnockOut Lawn Services at the number below for a free estimate, or to book your first regular lawn maintenance session. There’s still time to get one last trim in for the season, or to aerate and mulch for next year!

We work hard every day to bring customers like you top-tier lawn care and landscaping at competitive rates. Call us to get started—owning a beautiful landscape year-round begins today!